Estate Circa 1930's Modern European Cut Diamond Ring set in Platinum and 18 kt White Gold.

CHF 22,597.00


This exquisite Estate Diamond Ring is adorned with 33 Diamonds, with a total carat weight of 2.10cts. It includes 30 single cut Diamonds and two brilliant cut Diamonds, with a statement-making 1.35ct Center Diamond. This Center Diamond, of Modern European cut, has measurements of 7.35-7.31 x 4.18mm, and a 57% depth and 60% table, as well as a mildly large open culet and faint-to-medium girdle. The make and polish are graded as excellent to very good, with no fluorescence. The Ring is 12.3mm wide at the top and narrows to 1.74mm, weighing 4.4 grams and fitting a size 6.25 finger. It is in splendid condition.