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Welcome to Blacy's Vault of Los Gatos, the Bay Area's premier jeweler for branded fine jewelry. Our collections include high-quality diamonds, precious gemstones, and South Sea pearls set in platinum and gold. Our featured jewelry designers include Christopher Designs, Memoire, Lika Behar, A Link, Afarin, Roman+Jules, and more.

Jeanette's highly experienced and knowledgeable jewelry stylists are available to help you find that perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion. We consider ourselves a full-service jeweler offering an array of custom-designed jewelry services from our talented in-house designers and goldsmiths as well as appraisals and jewelry repairs while you wait.

Our owner Jeanette is a 3rd generation jeweler with a graduate gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America. Jeanette has owned and operated four Jewelry Stores and Gem Laboratories. With over 45 years of experience in the jewelry business, Jeanette Blacy or one of our staff stylists will help you find that perfect piece of jewelry you'll love for a lifetime.

At Blacy’s, we're committed to providing our customers with an exceptional shopping experience and quality products they can trust. Stop by today and let us help you find your style. Thanks for choosing Blacy's!

Call (408) 354-9500, or Email Us info@blacys.com for more information. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.

Blacy’s jewelers celebrates 20th anniversary in Old Town

Jeanette Blacy got started in the jewelry business 47 years ago, courtesy of her mother.

“My mom’s family came to California from Boliver, MO,” says Blacy, who has a gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America. “Her uncle was a watchmaker during WWI. She helped them as a bookkeeper, and then worked for jewelers in San Diego. My parents moved to Los Gatos in 1960, and my mom managed a jewelry store in Cupertino. One day, everybody was sick with the flu and I got recruited to work the counter. I’ve been in the biz ever since; I suppose you could say it’s in my DNA.”

Growing up in Los Gatos, Jeanette and her twin sister Janet had relatives in Placerville who they loved to visit.

“We would dig in the foothills and find beads,” says Jeanette. “It was an Indian treasure trove. We would make jewelry and sell it to the hippie jeweler in Old Town. We would sell the pieces for $5 or $10 and then go to the Wine Cellar to drink coke and eat French bread. No, my mom didn’t know!”

Jeanette's aesthetic guides her in designing jewelry for clients.

“Before we begin the design process, I ask them to bring the piece they wear the most, so I can figure out how to make something that will work together with what they already have. It’s important to consider size and style, and whether they tend toward modern or vintage.”

Jeanette spends a good deal of her time appraising individual pieces as well as collections, making suggestions on how to add value by replacing or updating pieces, or by adding something new.

“How things go together is very important,” she says. “It has to flow and fit someone’s lifestyle. There is no sense in having jewelry that you don’t wear. I try to get into their mind and brain and figure out what they want and need.”