Top 4 Trending Engagement Ring Cuts

By Colleen Banks

The round cut has historically been the top choice for brides-to-be, but we are now seeing millennial brides flock to fancy special cuts. From oval to cushion to pear shape, there is a big shift to non-traditional. Modern brides want to be different and want a ring that is unique to them. Fancy cut diamonds also dazzle the red carpets, which has attributed to their rising popularity. In addition, we have seen a rise in the desire for bigger center stones, which is no surprise with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her 20ct engagement ring or Beyonce and her 18ct engagement ring.
Christopher Designs checks the box on all these elements with their unique diamond cuts. The L’amour Crisscut shapes make diamonds appear 30 to even 60% larger. In addition, the broader cut of these diamonds provides maximum light return yielding lots of sparkles. Therefore, brides can have that big, twinkling look that they covet (and in almost any unique shape), making their celebrity ring crushes a reality instead of just inspirations pinned to their Pinterest board.
Scroll down to see the top 4 engagement ring cuts trending right now… which is your dream ring?

Oval cut engagement rings are popular for their grand look. They elongate the finger and since the surface area is larger, the diamond itself appears very large. It is also a very durable cut as it does not have any sharp angles or edges, which can be prone to chipping. The oval cut is sported by many celebrities such as Blake Lively, Kate Middleton, and Kate Moss.

This L’Amour Crisscut Oval Diamond Engagement Ring is a show-stopper with its sparkling halo and diamond shank. Attention all bling lovers, are you seeing stars?

Symmetry and femininity define the pear cut. The pear has a romantic feel and is great set as a solitaire, in a halo or paired with side stones. We’ve seen many variations of the pear cut on celebrities like Margot Robbie, Mia Farrow, and FKA Twigs.

The L’Amour Crisscut Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring is so chic with its round diamond halo and peek-a-boo split shank, a perfect fit for the girly girl at heart.

The most classic of the fancy cuts, cushion cut lovers appreciate tradition but still want their ring to be unique. Cushion cuts are as timeless as they are beautiful. The cushion cut can be spotted on none other than Chrissy Teigan, Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.
Unique indeed, this L’Amour Crisscut Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring gives brides that unique flair that they swoon.

Emerald cuts are all about glam and luxury. With a large, icy table, the emerald cut boasts serious sparkle. It is also a very versatile stone as we see it set many different ways. This glam style sparkles the hands of Sarah Jessica Parker, Amal Clooney and Beyonce.

The L’Amour Crisscut Classic Diamond Engagement Ring is similar to an emerald cut, however, has even more facets and appears much larger. A ring with more bling and more sparkle? (yes please! put a ring on it)!

About the Author:

Colleen Banks is a seasoned jewelry and weddings editor, having been a style editor at Martha Stewart Weddings for 8+ years. Colleen is a diamond expert having focused on engagement rings and bridal jewelry at Martha Stewart Weddings. She will never turn down the opportunity to try on some diamonds at a jewelry market appointment.

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